Zanatta House grapes

Zanatta House grapeser Zanatta jars, besides being useful, are a fun to decorate your pantry and your kitchen! Material: ceramic made and hand painted Measurements: 20 cm Alt x 15 cm wide x 11 cm comp

$ 370,00

Zanatta House Coral Ceramic Talher Rest (CJ 4)

Coral Ceramic Talher Rest Zanatta House (CJ 4) Acqua Zanatta Choir Collection to leave your sea table beautiful, are placements, napkins, dishes and vases! Game with 4 units Material: Ceramics Measurement: 10 cm

$ 403,00

Zanatta Colorful Parrot Trash

Junco dump painted with ceramic passenger handle made and hand painted by Zanatta Material: Junco and Ceramics Measurements: 22 cm Diameter x 25 cm Height

$ 740,00

Zanatta Coco Coconut Jarrinha

Beautiful coconut -shaped jarrinha, perfect for serving coconut water for your family and guests, made and hand painted by Zanatta Casa! Material: Ceramics Measurements: 16 cm Height

$ 426,00

Zanatta Casa Cashew Jarrinha

Caju Zanatta House Cashew collection by Zanatta Casa, are dishes, decorative pieces and beautiful table accessories to collect! Material: ceramic made and hand painted Measurements: 19 cm Height

$ 336,00

Yellow Vichy Napkin

A charm the vichy plaid stamp napkin in yellow! We have in other colors Measurements: 50 x 50 cm 100% cotton

$ 48,00

yellow Tablemat with white polka dot

Tablemat in yellow with polka dots embroidered in white Material: Polyester treated Measurements: 40 cm Diameter Hand washing only

$ 115,00

Yellow sticker cocktail napkin (set 6)

A charm the cocktail napkin game with yellow embroidery stitches! Game with 6

$ 183,00

Yellow rabbit napkin holder

A charm the ceramic napkin holder with yellow bunnies! We have in other colors too! ceramic made and painted hand by Zanatta Casa Measurements: 7 cm diameter x 6.5 cm height

$ 152,00

Yellow Linhão Napkin (set 4)

indispensable on a beautiful table, the pure linen napkin in yellow brings Cora, besides being sophisticated! Unit Price Material: 100% Natural Linen with ajour point Measurements: 50 x 50 cm Imported Product

$ 300,00

Yellow lady bamboo thermos

To serve with charm with our worked thermos and natural bamboo strap preserves the temperature for more than 10 hours Color: Yellow Capacity: 1 liter Material: plastic with natural bamboo strap Measurements: 29 cm Height x 11 cm Diameter (bottom)

$ 336,00

Yellow jouy toile tablecloth with Vichy 2.5 x 1.5m frill

Beautiful tablecloth with classic toile from jouy in yellow and bar with frill in Vichy, a charm! 100% cotton Measurements: 2.5m x 1.5m + 15 cm frill It can be done in other sizes and colors, see

$ 1.056,00

Yellow flower oval tray

Beautiful and delicate wooden oval tray in yellow with flower painting in the center Material: Madeira Measurements: 60 cm length x 41 cm width x 2.5 cm thickness

$ 390,00

Yellow chick egg door zanatta house

Harry Chick Egg Door Zanatta House Want to start the day well? Make a beautiful coffee table! Here at Kasa there are several pieces for you to make your table beautiful and original! Material: ceramic made and hand painted Measurements: 7cm height x 8cm width x 5cm comp

$ 293,00

Wooden dumpster and bamboo

wooden trash lined with natural bamboo, a lot of bossa for your home! Material Wood and Natural Bamboo Measurement 25.5×25.5 x 32cm Alt

$ 561,00
From Brazil, with love and bossa!

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