Silver vase with

Beautiful vase, all in silver! A timeless piece! Unit Price Material: Silver Measurements: 11.5 cm Height x 7.5 cm Diameter Care: Clean with silvo when darkening For greater glow durability, store in closed plastic

$ 726,00

Silver tray with

Shefield Silver Tray with Bamboo Natural Handle Measurements: 33cm x 45cm Brazilian industry cod 730/3b

$ 2.280,00

Silver sweetener holder

Delicacy at the table with the silver-stinging holder! Unit Price Material: Silver Measurements: 3 cm x 5 cm

$ 241,00

Silver quail

bird -shaped shelf, a charm to the table! Unit Price Material: silver 90 (skull and spoon) Measurements: 3 cm Alt x 6 cm Comp

$ 156,00

Silver grape sheet

Pure charm our grape leaf, all in silver! To decorate and serve, a timeless piece! Material: Silver

$ 480,00

Silver drink bucket

Receiving at home is a delight and we need to have pieces with a lot of boss to make everything even more invifldative !! Material: Shefield Silver 23cm Height cod 1796b

$ 1.670,00

Silver curd door

A charm the curd door all silver with natural bamboo detail on the lid! Measurements: 8 cm Height x 12 Silver Shefield Wash with soft sponge to avoid scratching, closed plastic bag when it is out of use if you want to clean with silver silva (found in supermarkets)

$ 660,00

Silver Bowl M

Bowl to decorate your home or table made in silver Shefield Measurement 16cm Diam x 10cm Height cod 854/2

$ 1.099,00

Silver bell

a pampering silver bell, entitled to monagram! With a velvet tape, it can be hung even on the Christmas tree, a charm! Measurements: 4.5 cm Diameter Monogram recorded as in the photo, with classic lyrics Does not come with velvet tape, only demonstrative

$ 570,00

Silver and porcelain

Linda Mantegueira with dish and silver lid with porcelain bowl. Detail of the Bamboo Natural Bamboo Material porcelain and silver Shefield Measurement SILVER DISH 13cm Diameter 9cm Silver Diam X 6cm Height Porcelain Pot 7cm Diam x 4cm Alt

$ 507,00

Silver and glass

A charm this silver and glass jelly holder with spoon and fruit on the lid! Measurements: 12 x 6 Silver and Glass Material Brazilian Industry Silver Shefield 1049G

$ 399,00

Silver and glass

Charming silver and glass jelly door with natural bamboo detail on the lid. Accompanying spoon Measurements: 11 cm Height x 9 cm Diameter

$ 469,00


To make the bar and the most stylish drinks: beautiful silver bark! Capacity: 500 ml Measurements: 18 cm Height x 9 cm Diameter

$ 990,00


Beautiful our mini saves, all in silver! A piece of effect! Unit Price Material: Silver Measurements: 10 cm Diameter x 4 cm Height

$ 193,00

Rabbit napkin holder

The charm of our rabbits with the nobility of silver to decorate your table !! Material: Silver Measurement: 8 cm Height

$ 190,00

Placement of silver

Beautiful and delicate marker (placement), orchid format, all in silver Material: Silver

$ 210,00

Placement of silver

A charm the fish -shaped place marker, all in silver! Game with 2 units

$ 199,00

Mini Cachepot in

charming silver cachepot, worked edge, a timeless piece! Measurements: 13 cm Height x 12 cm

$ 990,00

Milk Silver Plate

How about identifying what is in the thermos in style? The silver plates with coffee handles, tea, milk or whatever else they want to make the table much more special! Material: Shefield Silver Chain Plate with Milk Manuscript Measurements: Current 12cm /Plate 8 cm x 3 cm

$ 264,00

Mele with silver

A treat our silver couple with glass and bee detail on the lid! Includes: Plot, pot and spoon Material: silver shefield and glass cod 1054

$ 633,00
From Brazil, with love and bossa!

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